Promotional videos

VPM Design makes videos to showcase your business, products and services

Video is a powerful tool for promoting your business. Moving images and sound can bring your products and services to life, especially if the video tells your story in an engaging manner.  And it needn’t be complicated to be effective. Seeing and hearing you, your colleagues and your customers on a video, for example, will have much more positive impact then still images and text alone. Video can ‘re-humanise’ your online presence. 

YouTube, along with other social media outlets, have created new channels for your promotional videos and you can now reach audience levels unheard of just a few years ago.

With so many videos competing for attention, VPM Design will help increase the chances of people wanting  to watch yours.

Tennis: UTR Progress Tour

A promotional video made for tennis pro Barry Fulcher's UTR Progress Tour. The filming took place during a spell of hot summer weather.

Fizz Creations Ltd: Jurassic 4D

We produced this video to promote an augmented reality product for Fizz Creations Ltd. The video demonstrates what you get in the packs in a way that words, or still images, can never do.

Spring Barn Farm: Sussex Santa Experience

This short video was produced for Spring Barn Farm, an open farm near Lewes. Despite all the challenges of working with children and animals, and low light conditions, it all came together in the end.



Fat Planet: How Does it Feel to be Fat?

This video follows researcher and author, Margaret Leitch, as she spends a day in an obesity suit to gain insights into the lives of seriously obese people. The film has been used to promote the book, 'Fat Planet', written by Dr. Margaret Leitch and Dr. David Lewis, published by The Random House Group.

3M: Multihole Abrasive Sheets

For this short promo, we adopted a humorous approach to launch this new automotive aftermarket product. There is no voiceover, just text and music, making it easier to produce foreign language versions.