Education and training videos

VPM Design makes videos to support your training

Video can be a stimulating and cost-effective tool to support education and training, and there are many ways in which it can be used.

VPM Design will take the time to understand your specific needs and your audience, and work with you to find the most practical and effective way of achieving your aims.

Numicon: Making Numbers Real

This video was made for teachers, parents and trainers, explaining Numicon's approach to teaching maths to young children. The voiceover artist is Fiona Bruce.

Maven Training: Prince2

This clip is taken from a video made for Maven Training, explaining their Prince2 project management training programme. The voiceover artist is Mark Burgess.

3M: Dynamic Mixing System

This clip is taken from a sales training video designed to be translated into several European languages. There is no voiceover, just text, making it easier for regionalisation.